[Free Access] The Roadmap To Elevated Existence

It's Time to RECLAIM YOUR LIFEFORCE ENERGY and forge the reality you were DESTINED to LIVE!

FREE FOUR-PART ELEVATE YOUR LIFE Workshop with Renowned Transformation Specialist SUNNY DAWN JOHNSTON 

Do you desire a life of higher-vibration, abundance, and joy - but aren’t sure where to start? Or perhaps you long to increase your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental well-being? 

Whichever high-vibration change you wish to manifest, the four-part Elevate Your Life Workshop is your blueprint for getting started (and it’s FREE)! 

The Elevate Your Life Workshop will help you:

  •  Envision and create the life of your dreams
  •  Identify and transform negative patterns and relationships
  • Take your power back
  • Soar beyond lack and limitations 
  • Heal past hurt and stop living in fear
  • Anchor your lifeforce energy into the present
  • Move from pain into joy and happiness
  • Elevate your life to a newer, higher vibration
  • Access life-changing tools and techniques
  • Enter a supportive community of like-minded individuals

All of this life-changing healing and transformation begins August 8, 2018. 


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I’ve created the Elevate Your Life Workshop because I know what it’s like to feel stuck, to feel like you are powerless to change your life. But I want you to know that you are POWERFUL, and your energy and intention can help you elevate your life to access your greatest hopes, dreams, and desires.  

In my 47 years, I’ve faced many struggles. I’ve experienced self-doubt, fear, pain, loss, lack, and overwhelm. The Universe provided me with challenges and obstacles that taught me about myself and the world around me. I used each experience, the good and the not-so-good, to elevate MY life. I learned that I am a powerful creator and manifester!  

Today, I am a bestselling author, teacher, and spiritual healer. Throughout my career, I’ve guided thousands of people just like you on their journey to a higher vibrational life. I developed the FREE Elevate Your Life Workshop to provide you with the tools and support proven to be the strongest elements to lasting, positive change.  

And it all starts here. It starts with choice and intention, commitment and accountability. Even better – you can access every ounce of powerful, healing energy for FREE.  


Change – high-vibrational, positive, POWERFUL change – is scary, my friend. The Elevate Your Life Workshop is designed to introduce you to the knowledge, tools, and community that can help you achieve your greatest desires – gracefully, confidently. YOU (yes, you!) can create a reality that looks and feels different. You can unleash your lifeforce energy to create the life that you envision.  

Through this FREE four-part workshop, I want you to:  

  • Learn and dive deep. What you’re about to discover will transform long-held hurt, pain, sickness, lack, and overwhelm into true freedom, magnificent potential and life-giving healing. 
  • Explore with no pressure. It can be scary to get started. This FREE workshop lets you jumpstart your healing journey without the fear of monetary commitment.  
  • Connect with me. Get to know my teaching style and healing methods that have been proven to ignite transformation for tens of thousands. I promise you’ll enjoy the ride!  
  • Tap into your heart. Your spirit has called you to this moment. This workshop is designed to connect you with your brightest essence.  
  • Reclaim your lifeforce energy. Through an exclusive process, I will teach you how to identify people or places that hold your lifeforce energy and help you retrieve it. 
  • Try new things and interact. Be adventurous! Learn alongside a passionate and supportive community of like-minded seekers and change-agents. Join our Elevate Your Life Workshop Facebook group to lend and receive support.  
  • Access a blueprint for change. This workshop is only the beginning! I’ll introduce you to my five-step process that’s a true roadmap to a higher-vibrational life. Throughout our time together, I’ll teach you about each step and how you can access this revolutionary modality.  
  • Feel supported. My ultimate goal is to guide you, teach you, and support you. I want you to leave this workshop feeling empowered to continue to Elevate Your Life each day!  

I’m honored to help you begin your personal journey to healing at the highest elevation. There is no greater time than NOW to commit to your dreams, to the life you DESIRE to live. And since this workshop is completely FREE, nothing is holding you back!